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Collages &
mixed media

Click on Enlarged Painting for Pricing and Information

This is my mixed media & collages artwork. I've included all abstract mixed media art, which includes art incorporating certain embellishments like acrylic or glass "gems," some glitters, ribbon, trims, beading, wood or natural elements and other items as noted. Also included here are my collages, which are acrylic paint on stretched cotton canvas with painted paper added to form a collage. All of this are it abstract mixed media art focusing on color, form, texture, line and scale in compositions intended to be either non-representational/non-realistic or abstracted "real life" depictions. Most of this art is intended as fun intricately abstracted design, but a few are more representational (such as floral collages, etc.). 

Title, creation date, dimensions & materials used on each artwork are specified by clicking on enlarged picture. Each creation is signed & canvas edges are  painted a color complementary to the composition. 

See Allover/Collage/Figural/Representational art for more information about paintings & available options & PaymentShipping if you want to purchase a mixed media creation (thank you!). 

Thanks for viewing my art! Hope you like it!

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