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About me

Hi! Thanks So Much for visiting my site & viewing my art & crafted items! Since
you're here & curious (unless you clicked here by accident, lol!) I'll provide a little background about my passions & experience. 

I sign all original artwork as Lesly as it's original spelling of my name. I've been painting 3 years & never previously created artwork of any kind (tho' I've always loved interior decorating)! 

I'm mostly self-taught & have zero formal training & never been to art school.  However, I must give credit to 2 spectacular artists I'm lucky enough to consider mentors: 
Calvin Edward Ramsburg (who received training from Vo-Dinh Mai), affiliated with The Delaplaine art center of Frederick, MD, & John Blee (who received training from Helen Frankenthaler), affiliated with the Art League of Alexandria, VA. I also received instruction from artists Bryan Jernigan, Marsha Staiger & Deirdre Saunder of Art League of Alexandria, VA.

I tried to categorize my art for easy viewing (categories/contents change with time). I update often with new photos of art for sale & will post prior sold art to showcase my art style/skill for possible commissioned pieces. I have a large volume of art for sale currently as I paint nearly every day & have been trapped indoors, as many have, due to the pandemic.

I prefer to create paintings using acrylics as they are less toxic to you, me & the environment; I also mix in inks, graphite pencils, water soluble crayons, charcoals, glitters or other materials as needed to achieve compositional balance/enhancement. All my art is Modern/Contemporary Abstract, Abstract  Expressionist, Surrealist, Folk Art or Impressionist; obviously, I enjoy experimenting with styles! I love color & am mesmerized by the contrast & blending that occurs during painting & also enjoy experimenting with textures & metallic effects.

I also love crafts (especially glittery ones!) & like to upcycle, repurpose & alter vintage furniture & decorative items using found, natural/organic, or antique items whenever possible (I enjoy reusing, refurbishing & breathing new life into well-loved/treasured items/materials). I'm passionate about creating fairy houses (gnome homes, holiday themed houses, etc.) out of old bird/doll houses & tiny furniture out of organic materials. I add photos of new & older crafted creations (some for sale, some not) often, so please check back often!

I'm on Instagram & Pinterest which feature my artwork, poetry & inspirational quotes. I occasionally sell art, crafts, antiques, found objects & other items on Etsy. I hope you'll follow me on these sites as I enjoy sharing!

My passion is creating! I 
have a lifelong love & admiration of art, beauty, color, nature, animals, passion, honesty, sensitivity, courage & resilience. I'm amazed by museums & gardens & go to them any chance I get. I live in the moment & am grateful each day I'm alive. Every day is a learning opportunity & with childlike appreciation & fascination, the beauty I observe in everything serves as inspiration for my paintings/creations. I feel my paintings reflect (to the extent skill lets me) the diverse, often surprising nature of beauty in all its forms, as well as the interconnectedness of all things that I observe, absorb, appreciate & try to convey. 

My philosophy towards painting is a take on a Zen Buddhist saying:  "Leap & the net will appear" becomes "Paint & the painting will appear!"
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