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Thanks so much for your interest in purchasing art from Artistigal


To purchase anything from Artistigal, you need to process your payment thru PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account (you can pay via a PayPal account if  you have one) - you can pay via PayPal's money delivery service with a valid debit card or credit card. After receiving a PayPal Invoice, review the charges & if acceptable simply click on Pay Now button! If you have questions or wish to make changes to your order just contact me! 



When you purchase an unframed painting from Artistigal, it arrives packed & ready to hang. This means:

Painting is signed & dated;

Canvas edges are painted;

Back of painting is dated, numbered & shows Title;

Painting is full assembled & orientated for hanging (buyer preference).



​I offer a "floating frame" for purchase as it works best with my artwork. "Floating" frames are modern with a sleek look & sturdy construction; they make a painting appear to float free in a frame (frame edges don’t touch canvas edges). All frames are wood, similar in appearance & available in several sizes & 3 finishes: Black, White & Maple. Frame depth (1" or 1 1/4" or 1 7/8") varies with canvas size.


If you want to purchase a frame, please contact me & let me know title & number of painting & preferred frame finish & together we'll select frame size & depth to best display the painting. Let me know orientation you’d like painting displayed; if uncertain, I’ll send photos showing all directions the painting can be viewed & then orient painting in frame as preferred. I recommend OOK brand hooks for hanging.


To purchase a painting, contact me & specify:

First & last name, shipping address, phone & email;

Titles & #s for all paintings/artwork you wish to purchase; &

Whether you’d like a frame (with wood finish & orientation). 

Thanks again for your interest in purchasing art from Artistigal! 

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