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Thanks so much for viewing my artwork!

All paintings are by Leslie Martin & signed LESLY. All artwork is original &  can't be duplicated, though similar work is available by commission.

These paintings are all abstract art. Some are figural art (abstract depictions of people/figures); some are representational (abstractions of actual things I perceived, like animals, bugs, plants, etc. or imaginary things, like monsters, fairies, gnomes, etc.). A few are intended as political or social commentary. Some paintings are "allover art" as the entire composition repeats balanced elements & some are collages or mixed media (using other elements with paint & marking, like paper, appliques, embellishments, etc.).

All paintings are acrylic paint on stretched primed cotton canvas unless noted otherwise. Some paintings also use inks, charcoals, graphite/pencil, water soluble crayons, Aquarelle, glazes & other mediums, glitters, metallic paints/leaf/effects & embellishments. All canvas edges are painted a color complementary to the painting (few are "gallery wrapped" as noted). Title, creation date, dimensions & materials used on each painting are specified by clicking on enlarged picture of each painting.

​​Any painting can be purchased with a free-mount finished wood frame. Please contact me if you want information on framing options or want to see photos of any painting in a frame, rotated, close-ups, etc. 

I update my art constantly, so please check back often (I paint nearly every day)!  Please also visit me on Instagram & Pinterest & drop by Etsy where I occasionally sell paintings, crafts, upcycled vintage items, antiques & other creative items! 


Thanks again for viewing my art! Hope you enjoy what you see!

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