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Under World

Thanks for visiting Artistigal & viewing my art!

These paintings are Abstract Contemporary style (popular since 1950s). Most are Modern Abstract (popular after Impressionism & Surrealism) or Abstract Expressionist (includes landscapes & cityscapes); a few are Impressionist or Surrealist. All share the same qualities of high color/high contrast, texture, expressive brushwork & non-representational (non-real) imagery. They're designed to evoke expressive feelings & induce emotions.

All paintings are for sale unless marked SOLD or "Not For Sale." All paintings are original works of art & can't be duplicated (similar paintings are possible by commission). All paintings are acrylic paint executed on stretched primed cotton canvas. Some paintings feature inks, charcoals, graphite/pencil, water soluble crayons, glazes, glitters, metallic paints/leaf or other mediums or embellishments as noted. 

Title, creation date, dimensions & materials used on each painting are specified. All paintings are signed, usually so painting can be displayed in any direction (unless obvious orientation). Canvas edges are a complementary color to  image & aren't "gallery wrapped" (image does not continue onto canvas sides). 

​Free-mount "floating" finished wood frames are available. Frame cost is separate/not included in painting price. Please contact me if you want to see framing options & sample photos of framed paintings.  

Thanks again for viewing my art! Please visit me on Instagram Pinterest too!

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