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Abstract Expressionist Landscapes

Click on Enlarged Painting for Pricing and Information

Abstract expressionist landscapes feature gestural brushwork depicting imaginary or interpretive landscapes that evoke spontaneity of feeling & impression. My abstract expressionist landscapes are frenetic, bold & contrasting or blended soft & watery, featuring either visible expressive brushstrokes connoting active movement in a dynamic exchange of multiple colors & textures or merged watery colors that form an overall softer, moody impression. These paintings will accent any wall.

Title, creation date, dimensions & materials used on each painting are specified by clicking on enlarged picture of painting. Each painting is signed, usually so it can be displayed in any direction. Canvas edges are painted color complementary to image & are not "gallery wrapped" (image doesn't extend onto canvas sides).

See Contemporary Art for more information on paintings & available options & Payment & Shipping to purchase a painting (thank you!).

Please visit my site often as I update my artwork often! Thanks for viewing my art! Hope you find something you like!

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