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Abstract Geometrics

Click on Enlarged Painting for Pricing and Information

These paintings predominantly feature a geometric design with primary focus on geometric compositional elements & architectural structure in an abstract or abstract expressionist style. They're intended to convey emotions in a balanced, non-representational (non-real life) form through color, mark-making, gestural brushwork & texture. The interplay of colors, marks & textures hopefully creates an impactful harmonious statement for a dramatic backdrop or accent in a room.

Title, creation date, dimensions & materials used are specified by clicking on the enlarged picture of each painting. Each painting is signed. Canvas edges are painted a harmonious color to the painting & image on painting does not continue onto sides (not "wrap-around") unless noted. 

Please see Geometric Paintings page for general information about all my paintings & available options & Payment & Shipping for information on purchasing a painting.

Thanks for viewing my abstract geometric art! Hope you like it!

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