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Color Field Designs

Click on Enlarged Painting for Pricing and Information

These paintings feature geometric designs composed of blocks of overlapping color with delineating marks or moody fused boundaries. They're deliberately meditative, complex or provocative with a hint of mystery, something below the surface. The primary focus is on depth of ground & interconnected effects of color variations in a geometric structural composition. They invite viewers to pause & linger to contemplate the focal statement in a room.

Title, creation date, dimensions & materials used in each painting are specified by clicking the enlarged picture of each painting. Each painting is signed so the painting can be displayed in any orientation. Canvas sides are painted a color complementary to the painting, but are not "wrap-around" (image does not continue onto sides) unless noted.

Please check Geometric Paintings for general information about all paintings & available options & Payment & Shipping if you want to purchase a painting (thank you!).

Thanks for viewing my artwork! Hope you enjoy my art!

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