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Decorative Items

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Thanks for looking! You found all my crafted decorative objects!

Featured here are some of the decorative items either I or a family member made for decorating inside/outside a home! All of these items are assembled from found, vintage, antique or pre-owned items & are now enjoying new life as re-purposed/upcycled decorative art pieces or useful/utilitarian & functioning household objects (such as a lamp)! 

Each item is unique & one-of-a kind & can't be replicated, though similar pieces/pieces in a similar style can possibly be commissioned on request. Please contact me to discuss your ideas for a commissioned piece & I'll do everything I can to make it, especially if you have a sentimental or old item kicking around that you'd like to see turned into a decorative art piece or functional household object!

I enjoy creating in the following styles or aesthetics: Victorian, Steampunk, Alice-in-Wonderland, Marie Antoinette, Industrial & Art Deco. I'm also influenced in my designs by anything fairy or fantasy inspired. I like to create childlike/whimsical designs, seasonal/holiday themed designs, natural/woodland/nature/organic-inspired designs which utilize & incorporate natural/organic materials wherever possible, & anything with a bit of sparkle to it!


Most of my handcrafted creations are made from natural/nature materials found in the local woods, my yard or neighborhood in beautiful Maryland. They also often feature vintage or used materials, especially old industrial or automotive parts or similar. 


Each crafted item is comprised of different materials; all materials used in creation of a specific craft are listed for each, along with title, creation date, identifying number & overall dimensions.

Some items are painted; when painted, it's with non-toxic, water-based paint. Most natural/organic/woodland elements (stones, wood chips, twigs, moss, etc.) & manufactured embellishments (faux gems, glass stones, sequins, wood/glass/plastic beads, etc.) have been applied with a glue gun or common household glue fixative. If parts fall off during shipping (I'll do my best to over-wrap for super protection!) they're easily reattached with a low heat, non-toxic glue gun or other all-purpose glues.

All decorative items featured in this category are for sale unless marked "Sold" or "Not For Sale."

Thanks again for pausing to look at my creations! Hope you enjoyed your time here!

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