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Fairy Houses

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You found my fairy houses, gnome homes, holiday decorative houses & other tiny housing creations! Thanks for looking! Also featured here are some small decorative items made for decorating the inside/outside of fairy houses as well!

My favorite craft is making fairy houses out of new & old/used birdhouses, vintage/new doll houses (made of plastic, metal, wood, heavy cardboard or other materials as noted), folk art wooden houses & similar structures (anything with good fairy house character!).

These handcrafted creations are mostly decorated with natural organic & woodland materials found in local woods, my yard or neighborhood in beautiful Maryland. The houses all feature found vintage or new objects as embellishments. Each finished construction uses different materials; all materials used in creation of a crafted item are specified, along with title, creation date, (I.D.) number & overall dimensions.

Some houses are painted; when painted, I use non-toxic craft paint. Most natural/organic/woodland elements (stones, wood chips, twigs, moss, etc.) & manufactured embellishments (faux gems, glass stones, sequins, wood/glass/plastic beads, etc.) are applied with a glue gun; if any parts fall off during shipping (I'll do my best to over-wrap for super protection!) they're easily re-attached with a low heat, non-toxic glue gun or other common household glues or fixatives.

All houses, tiny decorative items, and tiny furniture items featured in this category are for sale unless marked "Sold" or "Not For Sale."

All of these houses & miniature house-related crafts are original works of art & can't be duplicated, though similar house creations are possible & welcomed via request. I'd especially love receiving a valued/cherished or sentimental item (such as an old doll house, trinket, etc.) to turn into, or utilize in creation or embellishment of, a fairy house or other similar artistic creation for you! 

Thanks again for taking a look at my fairy house creations! I hope they brought a smile to your face and joy to your heart!

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