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Figural paintings

Click on Enlarged Painting for Pricing and Information

These are my abstract figural paintings. Focus is on color, texture & line in the depiction of abstracted subjective figural forms. They're not intended to be realistic or real life people/figures, but rather, purely imaginative, emotional figural depictions conveying thought & mood provoking emotional states or focal points independent from visual references in the world. A few are social commentary. Intriguing as accent pieces in a room.

Title, creation date, dimensions & materials used in each painting are specified by clicking on enlarged picture of painting. Each painting is signed & canvas edges are painted color complementary to painting & not gallery wrapped (image doesn't continue on canvas sides).

Please see Allover, Collages, Figural & Representational page for information about options for paintings &  Payment &  Shipping for information if you want to buy a painting (thank you!).

Thanks for viewing my figural artwork! 

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