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Floral Landscapes

Click on Enlarged Painting for Pricing and Information

Thanks for looking at my abstract floral landscape art!

I think of these paintings as abstracted floral landscapes since each composition is an imaginary landscape depicting elements of nature, especially trees & flowers, as primary focal points. They're intended to be joyful & look suitable in any decor. Many are designed to appeal to the young & "young-at-heart" (like me!) as they are intentionally simple, vibrant, colorful & happy. I hope they make you smile! 

Title, creation date, dimensions & materials utilized are specified by clicking on enlarged picture of painting. Each painting is signed & all canvas sides are painted complementary colors to the painting.

Please see Floral Paintings page for general information about all paintings & available options & go to PaymentShipping to purchase artwork.

Thanks for viewing my floral art! Hope you enjoy the flowers!

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