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Folk Art

Click on Enlarged Painting for Pricing and Information

These paintings are all within the abstract "folk art" genre & like all folk art these compositions are marked by attributes such as bright bold colors with high degrees of contrast, flattened perspective, highly decorative design, strong shapes in simple arrangements & immediacy/simplicity of meaning. This style of painting is intended to be folksy & artsy-craftsy to appeal to the "young-at-heart" with deliberately simple colorful & happy charm. 
Title, creation date, dimensions & materials used on each painting are specified by clicking on enlarged picture of each painting. All paintings are signed & canvas edges are painted complementary color to the composition & are not "wrap-around" as image does not continue onto canvas sides.

Please see Whimsical & Folk Art Paintings for general information on paintings & available options & PaymentShipping to purchase! 

Thanks for viewing my artwork! Hope you find this art appealing!

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