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Holiday Paintings

Click on Enlarged Painting for Pricing and Information

These paintings are intended to visually celebrate the holidays! Yay! Holidays!

Some compositions are folk art style (whimsical or juvenile, designed to appeal to holiday-spirited "young-at-heart") while others are abstract expressions suggestive of holidays/seasons & intended to convey a holiday mood or evoke specific holidays by virtue of colors, textures, movement & overall emotional tone of compositional design (such as holiday landscape/cityscape). These paintings add vibrancy to any festive setting & most can be enjoyed all year! 
Title, creation date, dimensions & materials are specified for each painting by clicking on enlarged picture. All paintings are signed & canvas edges are painted in color complementary to composition & are not "wrap-around" (image does not continue onto canvas sides).

Please see  Whimsical & Folk Art Paintings for more information on paintings & available options & Payment Shipping to purchase paintings.

Thanks so much for viewing my art! Hope you find something!

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