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Framing costs specified below DO NOT include cost of painting/original artwork or cost of shipping, but DO include assembly of frame, mounting & orientation of painting in frame, and securing all picture hanging wire & hardware and protective hardware, so the painting & frame arrive at your address fully assembled, orientated & ready to hang! 

Cost of standard 16" by 20" frame (all finishes & depths):  $60.00.

Cost of standard 18" by 24" frame (all finishes & depths):  $65.00

Cost of frames less than 16" by 20" (all sizes, depths & finishes): $40.00


Cost of all oversized frames larger than 18" by 24" (regardless of size, depth or finish): CONTACT ME FOR QUOTE



When you purchase a painting from Artistigal, each painting will arrive well packed at your address & ready to hang on your wall.

This means all of the following:

  • 1) The painting is signed & dated;

  • 2) Canvas edges are painted;

  • 3) The back of the painting is dated, numbered, and shows the Title;

  • 4) The painting is orientated for hanging, either by my preference (if Buyer doesn't specify orientation) or Buyer's preference;

  • 5)  The back of the painting is pre-assembled with sturdy frame hangers screwed directly into wood frame of the canvas & heavy duty  picture wire strung across the back, ready to hang on a wall.            


Thanks for your interest in my framing options!  Remember framing is optional & the cost is separate/additional.

I only offer a "floating frame" for purchase; I think it works best with my artwork as it's modern with a sleek look & sturdy construction. They're called "floating frames" because the painting appears to float free in the frame (frame edges do not touch canvas edges). 

All frames offered are wood, similar in overall appearance &  functionality & available in several sizes & three finishes:  Black, White & Maple.  Frame thickness, either 1", 1 1/4",  or 1 7/8",  varies with size & depth of canvas.

If you'd like to see how a particular painting looks inside any frame I sell, please simply contact me &  let me know which painting in which frame you'd like to see & I'll be happy to send you a photo of both together. 


Once you decide you want to purchase a frame for a particular painting, please contact me & let me know the number & title of the painting & the preferred frame finish.  I'll select the size & depth of frame to best hold & display the painting (unless you have a strong preference). 

Please also let me know the direction you would like the painting to be displayed (if not dictated by the subject matter of the painting). If you're uncertain, simply request orientation photos & I'll be happy to send 4 photos depicting all directions the painting can be viewed; then let me know your preferences & I'll orient the painting in the frame accordingly; I'll select the orientation for you if you do not provide a preference.

I will securely mount your painting in the frame & attach hanging wire & protective bumpers to the back of the frame (bumpers keep hanging wire, picture frame hangers & back of frame from damaging wall surfaces). I will use hanging wire strengths that exceed the weight of the canvas & frame for safety & secure hanging.

Remember, once a painting is hung on a wall, always hold onto it before letting it go to test it is adequately & appropriately secured to the wall surface. I recommend OOK brand hooks for secure picture hanging.

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