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Thanks for viewing my original craft designs! 

My favorite craft activity is making fairy houses out of old birdhouses, vintage or new doll houses (metal or wood), or vintage wooden  folk art structures. I also enjoy repurposing, upcycling, painting and embellishing vintage and retro or modern used furniture that shows promise with a good design character or "good bones." I also make decorative items for home and garden, including steampunk lamps, shadow boxes, hatboxes, garden sculptures, etc.). I enjoy crafting woodsy objects, feminine & sparkly items (especially Marie Antoinette and Alice-in- Wonderland styles),  Victorian Steampunk and other industrial style pieces. All crafts are original works of art - they can't be duplicated, though similar  crafts are possible upon request. Most craft work shown is mine, but a few pieces are collaborative or by family as noted. Each crafted item uses different materials as specified, as are title, date  and dimensions.  Thanks for looking at my crafts!

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