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Thanks again for stopping by my website & viewing all my crafts! I enjoy all craft-making & will post new crafted creations here regularly, so please be sure to check back often for new items!

My favorite craft activity is to make fairy houses out of old birdhouses, vintage or new doll houses (mostly metal or wood), or vintage wooden structures. I also enjoy repurposing, upcycling, painting & embellishing vintage/retro or modern used furniture with character/"good bones." I also make decorative items for home & garden (lamps, shadow boxes, hatboxes, garden sculptures, etc.). Most craft work shown is mine, but a few pieces are collaborative or by family as noted. I enjoy crafting woodsy objects, feminine & sparkly items (especially Marie Antoinette & Alice-in- Wonderland styles) & Steampunk or other industrial style pieces.

All crafts are for sale unless marked "Sold" or "Not For Sale."

All crafts are original works of art - they can't be duplicated, though similar  crafts are possible upon request. Each craft item uses different materials. All materials used in creation of a craft are specified for each craft, as are title, creation date & dimensions. 

Please consider following me on Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest. I'd love it if you'd check out my Etsy site too, as I offer crafts, paintings, antiques, upcycled/repurposed vintage & other creative items for sale there as well!

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